Toronto’s Best Vegetarian Treat – Grasshopper Restaurant

From the Distillery District to the CN Tower, Toronto is a social hub on its own. Thanks to it’s beautiful, diverse selection of sounds and sights, Toronto is home to exclusive retail outlets, fantastic recreational opportunities, and a variety of spectacular historical landmarks. Of course, after you finish exploring the spectacular sites such as Casa Loma, the historic downtown district, and the Royal Ontario Museum, you will want to visit a nice restaurant to top it all off. Toronto’s thriving restaurant scene has a lot to offer both locals and visitors. The city features a fantastic culinary exhibition that will more than satisfy your palate. Vegetarians will be happy to hear that Northwestern Canada has a lot to offer them as well. At the top of Toronto’s vegetarian restaurant exhibition is the Grasshopper Restaurant. As one of Toronto’s certified vegetarian establishments, the Grasshopper Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal following a day of exploring the city.

With a title like Grasshopper Restaurant, you immediately know that you are in for a delightful vegetarian treat from one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the area. It has rarely been easier to come across plant-based culinary delights to satisfy your palate than by this conveniently located Toronto-based establishment, primarily due to its fantastic menu selections. You can choose from a selection that includes popular items like sesame fries, spicy black bean burger, as well as coleslaws. One of the great things about the Grasshopper Restaurant is that they offer gluten-free options that will be a delight for any visitor that walks in through the establishment’s warm doors. The Grasshopper Restaurant offers excellent East Asian vegetarian cuisine. You will be hard-pressed to find an establishment that is this committed to vegetarian culinary excellence in Toronto and the broader Canada.

The vegan eatery’s fantastic menu selection features fresh juices, snacks, meals, and sides. Grasshopper Restaurant draws its inspiration from the vibrant and diverse city of Toronto, as well as other places across the globe. It serves comfort dishes such as chick & burgers, quinoa mac & cheese, pulled pork fries, chia seed pancakes, tofu scramble bowls, as well as a variety of salads and smoothies. The Toronto-based vegetarian establishment also offers a selection of gluten-free items which are clearly labeled on its menu.

After a visit to some of Kensington Market’s fantastic Indie coffee shops, you might want to hop into the Grasshopper Restaurant. The establishment provides a couple of meals that contain dairy, but other than that, it’s predominantly vegetarian. Some of the dishes on the menu selection may feature non-vegan mayo. However, everything on the menu is well-labeled with the guides SF, GFand V, where SF refers to soy-free, GF refers to gluten-free, and V refers to vegetarian.

Since 2014, when the Grasshopper Restaurant opened its doors near the Kensington Market, the establishment has grown to become one of the key players in the vegetarian restaurant industry in Toronto and Canada. Grasshopper Restaurant occupies what was formerly the Mexi-CAN market. The establishment is clean and bright, and has been fully renovated to include large windows that allow in enough natural light. The light setup is quite interesting and provides a fantastic experience. The establishment near Kensington Market makes excellent use of the space available. Although there is a limited space to work with, it is a pretty comfortable set up. The tables are perfectly arranged to make the best use of the space available while keeping the comfort of the guests in mind.