A Whole Lot of Vegan Dishes at Grasshopper Restaurant’s Menu

One of the most popular selections at the Grasshopper Restaurant is Sauteed beef with cremini mushroom satay and chimichurri sauce. This dish offers quite a delightful experience. The smokey seitan non-beef has plenty of flavor and meaty texture. The chimichurri sauce makes the already delicious even more worthwhile. Another popular item is the Chick-un Fingers. Although this option sounds non-vegan, don’t be fooled. It is actually a vegan dish, as labeled on the menu. The peanut sauce for dipping is a fantastic complement to this dish.

Another fantastic option in the vegan restaurant’s fantastic selection is the Quinoa Mac and Cheese. The Quinoa Mac and Cheese is perfectly made to create a fantastic cheesy taste and is gluten-free. But beware, a single bite of this delicious dish will leave you craving for more, and you will easily find yourself making another order.

Grasshopper Restaurant’s Tempeh Sloppy Joe is a must-try. This meal is the vegan restaurant’s version of pulled pork. It is quite tasty and flavorful and is a bit light on the sauce, including the barbecue sauce. It is served with carrots and pickled daikon on a lightly toasted roll. This dish comes with a choice of side fries or salad. The fries are quite impressive. They have a unique smoky flavor and are very delightful to the palate.

Most of the selections on Grasshopper Restaurant’s menu are predominantly a meat-style vegetarian affair. The menu selection also offers rice bowls, various fantastic salads, and soba. A huge conspicuous Liquor permit sign is displayed at the window, so you can be sure to find something nice to drink while enjoying your meal at Grasshopper Restaurant.

A lot of vegetarians who visit the Toronto-based establishment instantly fall in love with it and make it their favorite joint. At the Grasshopper Restaurant, creating the perfect flavor is of utmost importance in all their menu selections. The fact that the selections on the menu are meat-free is a plus. This Grasshopper Restaurant is committed to providing an ever-evolving selection of meals that Patrons are delighted to indulge in.

The Grasshopper Restaurant menu selection also features other cross-cultural comfort meals, including soups and bibimbap. The establishment prides itself on preparing meals to order. All their dishes are prepared from scratch once you place your order to make the best out of the freshness and flavor of the plant-based meals.

Following Grasshopper’s success and the growing interest in plant-based eating in Toronto, the owners decided to open other Toronto locations, including one at 2252 St. East. The east end location, known as the Grasshopper Salon, specializes in providing hearty and delicious meals which are plant-based (think substantial salads, creamy umami curry, and kimchi mac and cheese). Just like its sister restaurant, the Grasshopper Salon is East Asian cuisine inspired, with a vibe that’s a little more hip than cool. In other words, it brings a glorious breath of fresh air to the Beaches. Due to Grasshopper Restaurant’s serene vibe, the Eastern location was the ideal place to expand the Grasshopper brand.